My approach to cultivating self-love

My approach to cultivating self-love

Throughout my time practicing radical self-love, exploring my sensuality and diving in to soulful practices, I have developed a range of approaches to this work. These four methods are the cornerstones of everything we do and underpin all of our classes, workshops, retreats, online courses and membership program.



I believe that there is so much power in movement and in moving our bodies from a place of self-love. Unlike the traditional fitness industry, which sends women messages about what is wrong with their bodies, thereby guilting us into ‘exercising’ – it is my firm belief that you are not to be fixed. I believe that movement can be a transformative tool for accessing a deep sense of self-love – without trying to change our external bodies. Sensual Yoga is a fusion of yoga, dance and exotic feminine movement which aims to get you out of your head and into your body.



To ritualise something is to make it sacred and carry it out with intention. I believe in the power of ritualising everyday tasks to make each day more magical by bringing intention and awareness to things that may have previously been on autopilot. Through sacred ritual, we cultivate mindfulness and can more easily access our sensuality and in turn, self-love. Through my weekly journal posts in THE RITUAL SERIES, I offer practical ways to incorporate rituals in to your daily life.



To bring our minds to stillness is the single most powerful act of self-love we can take. By purposely slowing down and observing our thoughts, we can cultivate a sense of calm and clarity in to our lives. I advocate many different practices of meditation, including mindfulness, guided visualisations and japa mala meditation.



Most women in the west are wholly disconnected to their bodies natural rhythms and cycles. This disconnection often comes from a lack of education and a culture of shame around all things feminine. It is my goal to help women to get in touch with their own cycles and to develop a relationship with their bodies that goes beyond the external. By understanding and respecting the way our bodies operate and our connection with the moon and the earth’s natural cycles, we can begin to realise just how powerful we are.