I turned 30 over the weekend! Yep, 30 years ago, lil ol’ me came in to this world!

Being born in May makes me a Taurus and there is nothing I’ve ever resonated with more. A few years ago for my 27th birthday, I treated myself to an astrology reading where I had my birth chart interpreted for me and I have never felt so understood.

There was a lot about reading my chart that resonated for me, but the overwhelming theme that came up again and again for me, was SENSUALITY.

You see, Taureans are innately sensual. We love to be comfortable, to luxuriate and feel pampered. We love to be surrounded by beauty in all forms. We are an earth sign and a fixed sign, so we are generally very grounded and connected to nature and our home means a lot to us.

Details of my chart meant that a life path focused on sensuality was inevitable. My Venus is also in Taurus, meaning that sensuality is essentially my love language, too.

When I first realised that Sensuality was a trait of Taureans, everything made a lot more sense for me. Before I learnt this, I had already decided to dedicate my life to redefining sensuality. It’s a topic I am SO passionate about, that I sold my previous business in order to build a new one from scratch entirely based around my mission to empower women everywhere to uncover their own innate sensuality.

The past few years, I have really allowed myself to own my sensuality. I am a fully fledged Sensualista, a Sensual Goddess and I am proud to own that after years of feeling uncomfortable and afraid of my sensuality and my femininity.

Since I’ve ‘come out’ as a Sensualista and have been sharing my sensual journey loud and proud, I’ve had hundreds of women asking me how they too can tap in to their sensuality and feel more connected with their bodies.

So today, to celebrate my 30th birthday, from this Taurean to you, I would like to share 30 of my favourite ways to embrace your inner sensualista. This list comprises all my favourite ways to get out of my head and in touch with my body, to honour myself and to recognise the Sensual Goddess that I am. I hope you enjoy uncovering your sensual self too!

  • Take a luxurious bath. Make it as special as you can. Don’t have bath at home? Many day spa’s will have a bathtub you can pay to use – this is what I used to do when I was in an apartment!
  • Diffuse Essential Oils in your home. Try out different scents and find something that makes you feel super grounded and a little sassy. Diffuse it or even make your own mist.
  • Burn some incense. There’s something so calming about incense that immediately brings me back in to my body. I love Nag Champa, Frankincense and Sage Cones.
  • Practice Mindful Eating. Allow yourself to slow down and really savour each bite of a meal or a snack. Take the time to show gratitude for your food, to look at it’s intricacies, hear it, smell it, touch it and finally taste it.
  • Each morning before you jump out of bed, take a few moments to connect with your body, physically – skin too skin. Self-touch is such a powerful healer and it is such a beautiful way to connect in with your sensual self.
  • Lightly warm up some oil and give yourself a delicious, sensual Self Massage. Explore your body and send it love as you massage oil in to every inch of your skin.
  • Self Pleasure with a Crystal Wands. Connect with both your sensual and your sexual self by using a crystal pleasure wand for your self pleasure practice. Don’t have a self pleasure practice? Ritualise this by cleansing and charging your wand and setting the mood. There’s no better way to show yourself love.
  • While you’re at it, you might like to get extra sensual with some erotic stories. The app Dipsea provides “short, sexy audio stories to turn you on” and it is steamy. Prioritise your pleasure and you’ll be feeling sensual in no time.
  • Show your Yoni even more love with a Jade Egg. Regularly using Jade Eggs can help to increase sensitivity and pleasure, lubrication and can promote emotional healing in the area.
  • Take the time to stop throughout your day and simply look out the window. Take notice of your surroundings and find wonder in everything. Notice intricate details of a flower, the shape of the clouds, the pattern of the footpath. Taking time to really see your surroundings will help you to feel much more present and grounded.
  • Listening to music is one of my favourite ways to feel sensual. Some songs have an ability to incite deep breaths, encouraging you to slow down and feel in to your body. Check out my Spotify playlists for some ideas.
  • Once you’ve found something your body responds to, give yourself a Dance Break! No rules, no judgements – just move!
  • Stock up on candles for your home. Along with that singular candle that smells divine, try lighting lots of candles in your space to really set the mood. I love using unscented wood wick candles – the wooden wicks crackle as they burn, which sounds almost like an open fire. Each evening I turn my house lights off and candles on as a way to wind down for bed and drop in to my sensual self.
  • Give yourself a Facial. This can be as simple or elaborate as you like. The key is presence. Really slow down and allow yourself to enjoy each moment of skin to skin contact. Tune in to the feeling of your exfoliator against your skin, the smoothness of some face oil or the fresh feeling after taking off a face mask. Allow yourself to luxuriate while treating yourself.
  • As part of your skincare routine, you might like to try using a Gua Sha & Face Roller. These facial tools are typically made or crystals like Rose Quartz or Jade and are beautiful for massaging the face and stimulating the lymph which help reduce inflammation. It also feels so damn good and you can seriously notice a difference.
  • Adorn your bed or your sacred space with soft sheets, cosy cushions and fluffy blankets. To be sensual is to be of the senses, so choose fabrics and textures that make you feel luscious.
  • Have some delicious, steamy, connected SEX. I believe that sensuality and sexuality are different. You can be sensual without being sexual and vice versa. But, the more you tap in to your innate sensuality every day, the more you are going to feel confident and embodied when it comes to your sex life. So go and enjoy your sensual self and share that energy with someone special, you divine sensualista, you!
  • Own your style. Allow yourself to wear the types of clothes that make you feel amazing. Sensuality isn’t about the external appearance, but we have all experienced that moment of feeling unstoppable when we’re in a certain outfit. Give yourself permission to dress up and show up as your most authentic self.
  • While you’re at it, you might like to do your hair and makeup in a certain way that makes you feel really good. This will look different for everyone. If you feel really good with a fresh face, do that. If you love experimenting with bold colours, that. Again, this isn’t about how you look, but about how you feel.
  • Try wearing some lingerie the makes you feel super sexy. Not for a special occasion – but just because you deserve to feel sensual every single day. Choosing to wear lingerie instead of your usual t-shirt bra and everyday undies will instantly make you feel more sensual.
  • Be naked more often! No, you don’t have to go and join a nudist colony. But consider – how often are you naked? Is it only really when you’re in the shower, or getting changed? Spend more time just hanging out naked. Reading, watching tv, doing some home yoga, whatever. The more you allow yourself to just be nude, the more comfortable you will become with your body, and you’ll start to develop much more appreciation for it, too.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, light a cosy fire and allow yourself to curl up in front it it. Feel the warmth of the heat it emanates on your skin, watch the flames dancing, hear the wood crackling. This exercise is almost meditative and can help you feel deeply present.
  • Each time you reach for some hand cream, this is an opportunity to drop in to your sensuality. Take the time to feel that skin on skin contact, the smoothness of the cream as it absorbs in to your skin, the scent of it. This is a great way to pause throughout your day for a mindful moment.
  • Reading is another way I embrace my inner sensualista. It’s all about the environment you create. Set yourself up in your sacred space, with no distractions (that means no phones in reach!), a cosy blanket and soft cushions and absorb yourself in your book. Extra sensual points if you’re reading a book about sensuality, sexuality or something that inspires or uplifts you.
  • In those moments where you’re feeling scattered, take yourself outside for some grounding. By simply taking your shoes off and having your bare feet in contact with the earth, you will instantly feel more centered, calm and grounded. Even better, lay yourself down on to the earth and close your eyes for a while, tuning in to the earths pulse and feeling yourself in connection with the ground.
  • While you’re earthing yourself, take a few moments to watch the clouds pass by. This is a beautiful meditation to do to bring you in to the present moment.
  • In these moments of grounding, but even throughout the day, try tuning in to all the sounds around you. Listen for the furthest away sound you can. This is especially powerful if you’re out in nature and can hear the birds. But another great option for noisy offices is to have some nature sounds playing in noise-cancelling headphones to bring a sense of calm to your day.
  • Swimming in the ocean is my favourite way to ground and refresh, and the combinations of sunshine and salt water always makes me feel like a sensual goddess. When you’re able to, take some time to head to the beach for a refreshing swim. If you don’t live near a beach or it’s the middle of winter, try using Epsom salts in a warm bath.
  • Silence. Just be still. In the silence you can check in with how you’re really feeling, tune in to your body and ask it what it needs.
  • And last but absolutely not least. My ultimate way to embrace my inner Sensualista is, naturally, through sensual movement. Specifically Sensual Yoga. When we allow ourselves to move in a sensual way, we reclaim our innate sensuality and femininity.

Do you want to learn the foundational movements of Sensual Yoga and embrace your inner sensualista once and for all? My online course, The Art of Sensual Movement is now open for enrollments, until May 18th only.

Over 3 weeks, 10 modules and 22+ videos I will guide you through the foundational movements of Sensual Yoga, and you’ll learn techniques to move your body in a sensual way.

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Now, go and embrace your inner sensualista!

I would love to know your thoughts on this list! Have anything else you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments below!

Let me know your thoughts!


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