This Christmas season, I wanted to take some time to remind you that you can be conscious in your purchases. So, I’ve put together a list of sensual, soulful and conscious gifts that you can use for all your gifting needs.

I’m not a religious person, so Christmas has never meant that much to me. It’s always just been a nice day to see family. As I’ve gotten older, my interest with Christmas has waned and I’ve started to resent the consumerist notion of it.

I’ve been trying to minimize the amount of ‘stuff’ I buy and consume over the past few years – even giving away 80% of my belongings in a move a few years ago just to feel lighter. This past year I have been focusing on being a conscious consumer. I’ve made shifts in my consumption habits for the benefit of the earth, other humans and animals. For me, this looks like going vegan (for my health as well as the environmental and animal rights implications), purchasing only things I either need or that feed my soul, only buying from ethical brands who I can be sure abide by fair-trade practices (no slave labor, safe working environments, fair wages etc) and also reducing and ideally, eliminating plastic usage.

When I look back on past Christmases I remember the ridiculous amount of unnecessary consumption. How often have I given and received shitty presents picked up from the local shopping centre, likely wrapped in plastic and made by someone who wasn’t paid properly for their labor – just because that’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to do at Christmas-time. I’m over it. I don’t want any more random bath bomb kits (full of toxic chemicals) or some ugly pyjamas that definitely aren’t fair-trade (I also don’t wear pyjamas so 🤷‍♀️).

I don’t want to be a Grinch though, and I do love the spirit of giving from a place of love and appreciation – instead of obligation. I love to share gifts with friends and loved ones when it’s something that I think they’ll love, find useful or will make their lives a touch better. I don’t believe we need more ‘stuff’, so when I give gifts I would rather they have a purpose. I don’t mean like a toaster – I generally approach it from a more soulful perspective. What can I give that will nourish the soul of my loved one? Most often, this is time spent – a trip away together, a walk and a chat. But, other times it can be a physical item that they can use in their daily life to bring them closer in to connection with themselves.

In the spirit of giving, I wanted to share with you some of my most favourite brands who offer sensual, soulful products and services to encourage an increased sense of self-love in the person you’re buying for.

*A note about these brands – they are all female-owned by friends of mine and women I respect. Most use minimal plastics, are vegan in nature and all employ fair-trade practices. This is not a sponsored post, at all – I just like sharing the love and supporting women in business. I hope you enjoy.

Bopo Women

Not only does this brand use beautiful all-natural ingredients for their plant-rich skincare range, but Bopo Women is also fiercely feminist, with empowering body positive messaging throughout their line.
Rather than encouraging you to see your body as a problem to be fixed, we want our products to be daily reminders of your inherent worth & magic.”


A Self-Care Sanctuary in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, MISS FOX is the perfect place to treat a loved one to some serious self-loving treatments. From chakra balancing massages, ritual baths and crystal healing to hair, nails and tanning, MISS FOX has all your self-care needs sorted. Recently crowned World’s Best Spa (yes, you read that right – best in the WORLD!), you’ll be in awe of this beautiful venue and world-class experiences.

Spiritual Nutrition

Got a sweet-tooth? Enjoy a nourishing treat from Spiritual Nutrition these holidays. This decadent range of treats named after crystals, like ‘Carnelian’, ‘Ruby’ and ‘Aventurine’ are infused with Australian Bush Flower Essences as well as having their own individual mantra’s attached. All gluten-free, vegan and delicious. Also sold here are beautiful Australian Native Smudge Sticks, infused with reiki and sound energy to further enhance their intention and power. All Spiritual Nutrition products align with individual chakras and offer properties such as grounding, clarity and creativity.

Asti Maree

If you want to give pleasure pure and simple to someone you love (or maybe yourself!), definitely check out Asti’s pleasure treasures. She sells jade eggs and various pleasure wands and is a fountain of knowledge on all things sex.

Sensual Seed Oracle Cards

One of the very first oracle decks I ever bought (Don’t ask me how many I currently own. No, I don’t have a problem) I was immediately attracted to the name – anything ‘Sensual’ always piques my interest! This beautiful set of cards is made with love, offering guidance with a theme of empowerment and self-love along with gorgeous artwork. Essential for regular self-love rituals.

New Moon Blends

I was recently gifted a bottle of ‘Sage Yo’Self’ from New Moon Blends and I am straight-up obsessed. With a range of crystal and reiki-infused (often specially made to coincide with New or Full Moon energy to make it extra potent), these products are perfect to bring a sense of spirituality in to your daily life. I have my eye on the chakra sprays next!

La Loba Herbalism

The most luscious shop for all things sacred sexuality. You’ll find crystal pleasure wands, jade eggs as well as products for your menstrual and reproductive health.

Franks Martin Poetry

This beautiful book of poems honors the cycles of life. A lovely book to make you stop and reflect, with many poems that will resonate deeply.

Bridget Sophie Make-Up Artist

If you’re based in Melbourne and have an event coming up, or just feel like treating yourself, I highly recommend the hair and makeup skills of Bridget. A former Creative Director, her style and expertise is second to none.

Mystic Tribe

This spiritually-inspired brand has a range of active and street-wear for those with soul. Not only are their designs super cute, but they are also completely Eco-friendly, made in LA by workers who are paid fairly.

Stoned Crystals

As a Certified Crystal Healer, I am downright obsessed with crystals! These energetic bundles of joy make the perfect gift for anyone – regardless if they consider themselves ‘spiritual’ or not. Stoned Crystals is a fresh and modern take on crystals for the home and work space.

The Haus of Health

Meditation, mindfulness and nutritious food – The Haus of Health has it all. Check out their pantry for sustainable products such as coconut bowls and cutlery, hemp products and yummy spice infusions. Plus, Angie has created a ‘Meditation Advent Calendar’, delivering 5-minute meditations straight to your inbox in the lead up to the silly season. I think we could ALL use a bit more mindfulness at this time of year! Subscribe to get yours here:

One Girl

For something extra special and meaningful, purchase a gift for a loved one or for someone overseas from One Girl. When you buy from the One Girl shop, your purchases go towards funding our four girl-focused education projects in Sierra Leone and Uganda. So you won’t just be purchasing a great gift — you’ll be changing the life of a girl too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this soulful, conscious Christmas Gift guide! Wishing you a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

Big love,

Eleanor x

Let me know your thoughts!


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