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I recently came across this article about a man who has developed a product to ‘help’ women with their period. It’s a glue that we are meant to apply to our labia minora to close off the flow of menstrual blood, which apparently dissolves upon urination. The article provides a really good perspective on this period shaming product and it’s well worth a read.

Learning about this product both baffled and infuriated me. Like many women and people who menstruate, I too grew up believing that my period was ‘gross and icky’, that it was shameful to talk about and that you should hide the fact that you ever have it. In our society we are fed the message that periods are an inconvenience and that it’s simply the burden of being a woman that we have to ‘deal’ with it each month.

The founder of Mensez (which is apparently pronounced menses, not men-says despite their penchant for mansplaining) clearly has no experience with ever having a period, nor does he truly understand its importance. I challenge you to read the below excerpt of the article without slapping your forehead in frustration.

Where to begin? This view that our period ‘plays’ with our heads proves a complete lack of awareness and understanding to the biological process our bodies go through during menstruation. Our period is far more than just blood each month. There’s a lot going on internally and the hormones involved directly impact our emotions. Yes, this can mean that we are more sensitive. But it’s important to recognise that this is hormonal. It’s not a choice and it’s not ‘all in our heads’. Gluing our labia shut sure as hell isn’t going to ‘fix’ this either.

Yes, women and people who menstruate are very creative. We are also very productive. (We’re people, after all). Being ‘distracted’ by period pain or anything associated with it is not the issue here. The problem is this masculine view that any downtime or rest that our body asks for during our menstrual phase, is somehow a waste of time.

I would argue the complete opposite. If we honour and respect each of the four phases of our menstrual cycle and actively work with the energy at each stage – we can be more productive, more creative, more intuitive and more aligned. The problem is that we, the menstruating and non-menstrauating, have never been properly educated in to the power of living in tune with our cycle.

As an aside, the fact that his dream is to “see what they develop”, as if it’s our periods and not the patriarchal society we live in that prevents us from achieving whatever measure of success he deems worthy, is insulting at best.

I have SO much more to say about this topic, so I’ll be creating THE CYCLE SERIES in which I will discuss the true power of our period and the benefit of living in tune with our internal cycles, as well as the cycles present in nature.

I want you to feel empowered, to love your period and to embrace your femininity fully. I also want the men out there to understand women more.

Since I took the time to dive deep and gain a greater understanding my body and my cyclical self, I have felt so much more in tune, aligned and empowered. I want you to feel like this too. I can’t wait to share this with you.

Keep an eye out for more, coming soon.

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