Last week, during a session with my coach I had a moment of realisation. Where all the dots joined up. I’ve known for a while now why I do what I do and what makes me so passionate about women’s self-empowerment. But we’re all multifaceted and we have so many layers to us and personal histories that affect our current realities and the course of our future.

Somehow my coach and I got on to the topic of needing to feel safe and secure. And my resistance to ever ‘needing’ someone else to ‘protect’ me. I recalled a story about an experience I had as a teenager in East Timor while I was there on a trip for Uni. During a music festival we were visiting I was suddenly surrounded by a group of men who jostled me around, touching and grabbing my body wherever they pleased. I remember feeling terrified and violated until my friend ran in to the circle they had created around me and pulled me out. I had been ‘saved’ by my (male) friend.

I had never quite put two and two together – because as a woman I’ve had so many experiences of harassment and disrespect throughout my life – but this particular encounter really shaped a lot of how I went on to view the world and impacted my mission to change certain things. It was this experience (compounded by many others throughout my life) that had me furious at the whole idea that:

1. Existing as a woman was somehow an open invitation for certain men to prey on me and

2. That unless I was accompanied by a man, my ‘NO’ wasn’t taken seriously. That being seen as the ‘property’ of another man somehow granted me more respect than being an autonomous woman on her own.

I’ve internalised this feeling and ran with the energy of “Fuck you, I am my own property” for a while now.

I realised that what I do and what I’m passionate about – empowering women to embrace their sensual selves – is a direct reaction to the omnipresent male gaze that exists in our society.

I move the way I do and talk about the things I do as a reclamation.

As a way of taking back MY power – my innate feminine sensual woman goddess power in all its glory.

What I do and what I teach has never been for the benefit or approval of a man. And what’s interesting about this, and where things can go grey sometimes, is that historically for women to move, behave, dress, act, and look a certain way it has always been perceived to be explicitly *for* the pleasure of and validation by men – whether this be explicit or implicit.

So, how does this relate to my life now? By taking a style of movement that many view as something that should be reserved for intimate partnerships, instances where it is performative for the benefit of the man or just downright suppressed in general – it can be uncomfortable for some.

Through my signature practice, Sensual Yoga, I take back those movements. The exotic, the fluid, the feminine. Only now, it’s not for anyone but the person practicing. It’s not for an audience and it certainly isn’t for the male gaze.

Many people find my work confronting and many simply don’t see the importance. Well, I’ve lived in a female body long enough to know how it feels to be told that your body isn’t for you. I say it is. I say my body is only for me. I choose exactly what to do with it, how it looks, how it moves and – most importantly – how it feels.

I practice Sensual Yoga as a reclamation. I’m taking back my power. I hope you’ll join me in taking back yours, too.

Do you want to reclaim your sensuality?

Join me for The Art of Sensual Movement – a course designed to get you out of your head and into your body, through techniques designed to teach you to move your body in a sensual way.

This course isn’t about adhering to society’s standards. It’s not a workout designed to make you lose weight, or about how to style yourself to appeal to men. I hate that shit.

This course is about YOU.

It’s about connecting to the deepest, truest version of yourself. It’s meditation in motion. It’s about building your self-confidence, practicing self-love and honouring your femininity in all its glory.

> Learn all about it here

We will go step-by-step through the foundations of this unique, and yet inherently natural, form of movement. This is THE course to give you a strong foundation of all the unfamiliar moves that you’ll find in my signature Sensual Yoga classes in the future.

The Art of Sensual Movement is about building foundations, about creating community, about connecting with your body in new and exciting ways.

And you can join us right now, before the cart closes in just a few days.

> Hell yeah I’m ready!

P.S. In addition to the online modules, you’ll also have access to ME to answer your questions and provide guidance as you learn and grow through this experience.

I’ll see you inside!

All my love,

Eleanor xo

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