One thing that has helped me get to really know myself and feel deeply connected to my purpose, is taking the time for self-study and personal development.

I’ve spent the past few years in particular dedicating myself to learning more about myself and the things that interest me the most. Spending time exploring my inner world and how that translates to my grander purpose in life.

It’s easily the best thing I’ve dedicated myself to – myself.

And I wonder why more people don’t.

For years I was too caught up in the day-to-day, responding to the surface level stuff in life, focussing on the external, never going inwards.

Because inwards was too scary to explore – it means facing your shadow side. Why do I respond that way to certain things? Why does that trigger me? Am I living a life I can be proud of? Do I know why I’m here?

For quite some time, I also had no idea where to start. Though, I believe that once you are ready to dive deeper in to yourself – teachers appear. The universe shows you how. That’s what happened for me.

I’ve been doing this work, this internal work, for years now. A friend asked me recently when the work stops. The answer is, it doesn’t. There is always more to learn, more room for you to grow and evolve. So long as you’re open to it, you can continuously bloom your entire life, living a life rich with experience and evolution. You don’t reach a point where you know everything. Externally or internally. But, it starts with exploring your inner world.

But, how?

Well, a short list of the ways in which I’ve committed to self-study, personal and professional development, just this month are:

🙏 Meditation – the places you can go and the things you can learn through meditation is truly life-changing. It’s changed me in so many ways – the most notable way when I began was that I observed myself no longer reacting quite as much as I used to.

💭 Awareness – when you begin to become aware of your inner dialogue, you start to notice themes and language that come up regularly. Then, you can start challenging the old scripts that run like auto-pilot in your mind, unpacking where that thought process may have come from.

📖 Journalling – I used to think journalling was a bit lame. But I began a few years ago and now I rarely go more than a day without writing out my thoughts. It’s part of my morning and evening routine and has provided me with so much peace and clarity throughout the years.

📚 Reading – like I said before, there’s no limit to the amount of things you can learn in this world. I love reading personal development books and have tons I can recommend if you’re in need!

🎴Tarot & Oracle Cards – for the spiritually-inclined, using the tarot or a deck of oracle cards is a beautiful way to seek guidance from your higher self and to hone your intuition. I generally work with a deck or two a day as part of my morning routine.

👯‍♀️ Soulful Conversations – if you’re lucky enough to have people in your life who will listen when you want to talk about things deeper than the weather of the Kardashians, this is a beautiful way to discuss what is going on for you. I’ve developed many soulful relationships over the years and know just who to talk to when I need to unpack something that’s going on for me, with an understanding and empathetic friend.

💻 Online Courses and Classes – I’m huge on personal development, so am likely always in the middle of at least one online course, or attending various classes and seminars. I can’t count how many online courses I’ve completed over the years, and they’ve all been enormously valuable.

👩🏼‍🏫 Coaching – I’ve worked with a coach and or healer or some sort regularly for the past few years. There is SO much value in having someone who really knows their stuff to coach you through whatever it is you’re trying to work on at the time, helping you set goals and keep you accountable – as well as celebrating your wins.


So, tell me. Do you do any of the above regularly? Have you spent time exploring your inner world?

I’d love to hear about your journey 💞 and if you’re just starting out and would love some gentle guidance and accountability, know you can always reach out to me for private 1:1 coaching.


Let me know your thoughts!


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