Do you ever find yourself giving out KILLER advice to your friends – and then you realise that you’re also kind of talking to yourself – that, really, you should be taking your own advice?
I think it’s a really common thing. When it’s outside of us, we can tend to see the full picture and we can give the best advice. But for ourselves – well, we often can’t see the wood for the trees.
This was me a couple months ago. I talk all about daily practices, intention, connection and living sensually – and I encourage others to live in a way that is truly self-honouring. 
But – I wasn’t honouring myself.
It’s hard for me to admit, and I struggled with feeling like a ‘fraud’.
For a couple weeks in October, while living in Tulum, Mexico, I was waking up early to take 3hrs of daily Spanish lessons, then heading straight back to my apartment and working up to 10hr days. I had allowed myself to become overwhelmed, overworked, run ragged with stress – and I wasn’t taking care of my body. 
No daily Sensual Yoga™️. Not nourishing my body with nutrients. Not taking intentional breaks from work. No meditation. No daily rituals.  No self-care.
I spent a solid couple weeks feeling low, lethargic, uninspired, unmotivated, lazy, guilty. 
At some point I recognised that (obviously) dropping the ball on my self-care was directly impacting my energy.
I started nourishing my body properly, cooking and meal prepping again. Moving my body intentionally again by simply rolling out of bed, on to my mat and pressing play on this playlist and flowing for up to an hour – bliss).
I’m doing daily Abhyanga (self oil massage), meditating and pulling oracle cards each day and giving myself space to work and space to rest.
And – of course – I am feeling SO much better. I feel more energetic, more grounded and more present in my self.
It’s amazing how easy it can be for us to take the ‘easy’ road – to choose the foods that are quick but not nourishing, to skip a movement session, to just keep working or forget to truly switch off. At the time, it can feel like we’re being more efficient with our time. But in the long run, we end up burnt out and disconnected. 
I wanted to share this with you, because I believe in transparency. I’m not perfect. Sometimes I let my sensual practices slip by the wayside. But – I always feel it when I do. I’m not fully here, I’m too much in my head and my soul suffers. Maybe you can resonate?
But what I am so grateful for, is having the knowledge and resources available to me to be able to quickly course-correct when I feel myself slipping. This is what I want for you, too.
On my upcoming Sensual Goddess Retreat in the Greek Islands this June, I have set the intention to share with my retreat attendees a variety of tools, resources and practices that they can use as part of their ‘Self-Love Toolkit’. If you have these things in your arsenal, it’s easier to pick yourself up when you’ve slipped.
I’d love you to join me on this intimate retreat, it’s going to be absolutely magical. You can find more info and reserve your space here (very limited spaces available).
Tell me – how are you feeling at the moment? Do you feel you are nourishing yourself? Do you feel connected to your sensual self? What do YOU do when you feel yourself going in to auto-pilot, self-sabotage mode?
Let me know below x

Let me know your thoughts!


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