Is there anything better than a beautiful, warm bath for the ultimate relaxation? Having a bath is often cited as the number one self-care activity – and for good reason. Soaking in the tub offers a complete body reset. The warmth of the water soothes tired muscles and retreating in to the bathroom and closing that door behind you offers much needed alone time.

I actually never used to like baths. I found I got too hot and flustered and downright bored. This was well before I embraced regular meditation to calm my overactive mind and started actively practising self-love. Now – I can’t get enough. Where I’m living right now I am lucky enough to have a nice, big spa bath. But, previously my (otherwise perfect) little house didn’t have a bath and it hurt. my. soul. So, I can completely empathise if you don’t have your own bath where you live. Never fear, though! You can still use this ritual – either when you do get access to a bath (I’ve been known to drive an hour to visit my parents solely to use their bath or even pay for a bath at a local day spa and sometimes I even treated myself to a float) or you can still ritualise a long, luxurious shower every so often.

My baths are so much more than just running the water and hopping on in. I’m going to teach you how to ritualise each and every bath you have and really make the most of the energy by incorporating all your high-vibe tools to make it the most blissful bath you’ve ever had. Let’s get started!

Start with Sage
Cleanse and clear the energy of the bath and the room by doing a quick sage smudge. This will clear both the energy and purify the air itself.

Light some Candles
Set the mood by turning the lights down low and lighting some candles to help you relax. My favourite are wood-wick candles that sound like a crackling fire as they burn. I get mine from Sohum Candles. 

Burn some Incense
You might like to light some incense to have burning throughout your bath. If you’re using essential oils, you might prefer to stick with the one scent instead – up to you! My favourite incense is the classic Nag Champa.

Place Crystals in your Bath
Yep! You read that right! Placing crystals in your bathtub is a powerful way to literally soak up the energy of your crystals by infusing yourself with their healing properties. Be sure not to use any crystals that don’t like water – for example Selenite and Kyanite (most -ite crystals will disintegrate). A few of my favourite crystal combos are:
Self-Love: Rose Quartz, I have about 7 medium sized raw Rose quartz specifically for bath time.
Grounding: Tiger’s Eye, Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian
Soothing: Amethyst, White Howlite, Blue Lace Agate

Epsom Salts
Magnesium is known for its soothing affect on tired muscles and using it in the form of bath salts will allow your body to soak it in through your pores even quicker. An added benefit of using epsom salt is that the negative ions in the salt act as an aura cleanser – just like swimming in the ocean! A must for any bath.

Choose some Essential Oils
I am really conscious of only using 100% pure and natural products on my skin, so you won’t find me using any synthetic bath bombs or bubble bath. Instead, I opt for pure essential oils for both their sensual aroma and their healing properties. Many doTerra oils are safe to use in baths, but always check that they are safe for topical use before putting in the bath (ie don’t use peppermint – ouch!). A few of my favourites to use are:
Grounding: Balance, Cedarwood, Frankincense
Sleep: Lavender, Serenity, Vetiver

Add Dried Flowers or Herbs
I love making my baths a bit more special by sprinkling some drip rosebuds or rose petals and some lavender on top. It looks beautiful and adds to the healing properties of your bath.

Play some Relaxing Music
Depending on your mood, you might like to choose a playlist that induces relaxation or just soak in the silence. One of my favourites is the Lazy Ass Honey Dipped Soul playlist on Spotify – it’s delicious!

There you have it! Feel free to experiment a bit with your own blends of (safe) oils, flowers, crystals and playlists. Take in a good book or just enjoy being silent for a while. Most importantly though – no phone allowed! There is no way you can focus on relaxing and being present if you’re scrolling though Facebook while in the bath. Leave the phone in another room.


Eleanor xo

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