Welcome back to THE RITUAL SERIES! This week we are going to discover how to create a ritual around reading your own oracle and/or tarot cards.

When I first started out on this soulful path, I was initially equal parts skeptical and scared of the tarot. I had seen it depicted in movies as a ‘dark art’ which was all about doom and gloom – that dreaded ‘death’ card and ‘the hanged man’ seemed all too much for me.

Enter: Oracle Cards

I had seen healers work with oracle cards when I went to kinesiology and reiki sessions and was intrigued about what they meant and how I could use them. After spending hours wandering through the magical haven that is Qi Crystals, I decided to buy my very first deck. Naturally, I was attracted to the Sensual Seed deck (you know how I feel about sensuality!). As I began working with oracle cards on a daily basis, my collection expanded and I am now the (slightly obsessive) owner of ~25 decks! I eventually gained some more knowledge and confidence around the tarot and a few of my collection are now tarot decks too. Once you learn about the tarot, you’ll find it’s actually a beautiful tool and not at all scary – that ‘death’ card is actually now a welcome sight!

If you’re starting out, I always recommend working first with oracle cards as they are a bit more gentle and easier to understand. I’ll list a few of my favourite decks to get started with below.

Get your deck

You may already have a deck, or you might like to purchase your first one. A few of my favourites are:

Sensual Seed: This is a really lovely deck focussed around the themes of self-care with really clear messages and beautiful illustrations. The accompanying booklet has wonderful extended descriptions of each card too.
Goddess Guidance: This deck is so beautiful for giving you doses of guidance with each card representing a different goddess. So powerful!
Daily Guidance from your Angels: I love this deck for simple, to-the-point messages.
The Wild Unknown Tarot: This is by far the best tarot deck I’ve ever used. The booklet has really clear explanations of the meaning behind the cards which is very helpful as tarot can be a bit confusing. I use this deck almost every day and it was the one I chose to take with me on my 6-month travel adventure.
(If you want some more recommendations, just get in touch and I’ll share some ideas for you!)

Enter your Sacred Space

Don’t have your own sacred space set up yet? Check out last weeks THE RITUAL SERIES post, the sacred space ritual.

Cleanse and clear your deck

Before using your oracle cards, you want to cleanse the deck of any energies that may be attached to it – from other people that have handled the deck, the production process or even the last time you used it. There are many ways you do this, choose the one that resonates with you most.

Golden light – visualise bright golden light coming down from the sky and bathing your cards with cleansing, revitalising energy.
Knock three times – I do this every time I work with a deck. Just knock three times to shake out the stagnant energy and then flick it away! Bye! 👋🏼
Sage – use your trusty smudge stick and bathe your deck in it’s smoke to clear the energy. You could also use any other incense or Palo Santo (which smells DIVINE!).

Set an intention

You’ll soon learn that every single ritual is about intention. I would even say that just the simple act of holding an intention for any task you do, immediately brings a sense of ritual to it. Set an intention for your reading, whether it be for clarity, for guidance, for answers, inspiration, energy. Whatever it is you’re needing in that moment, set the intention that you will receive it.

Ask a question

Holding your deck, close your eyes and ask a specific question. You may want guidance on your career, if you should take that opportunity, about your relationship, anything.


There is absolutely no right or wrong way to shuffle, whatever feels right to you, do that. Feel free to shuffle your cards for as long as you like, until you feel called to stop. You may hear whispers guiding you. Listen to them.

Pull your card(s)

I usually do either a simple one card pull for some quick guidance or a three-card spread for a bit more insight. With a three card you can chose what you would like each card to represent by setting the intention before you start. My favourite combinations are (from left to right), past-present-future, mind-body-soul, you-them-us, the next three months.

Read your cards

Before reaching for the guidebook, take a moment to really look at your cards, study them and see what initial thoughts and feelings arise. Then, you can read a bit more about their meanings.


Take some time to consider the messages you have received and how you can apply them to your life. Journal what feelings came up and what actions you’d like to take next.

Close the space

Thank your guides for the messages you have received and pack up your cards. If something particularly resonates one day, I like to add that card to my altar or keep it on my desk as a reminder to myself. You might like to do this too.

Remember that oracle cards are simply a tool to gain clarity on things that your soul already knows. They do not predict the future. You make your own destiny. The cards just illuminate the path.

I’d love you to share your experience with the oracle ritual and any messages, insights or aha! moments you have had with your oracle cards. Join my free private Facebook group, Sensuality & Soulful Self-Love, and share with our supportive tribe.

Until next week, with love and gratitude

Eleanor x


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