Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’ve just welcomed the season of Spring and I know most of us are incredibly grateful to be seeing a bit more sunshine and looking forward to some warmer days after a long, cold winter.

Three months ago, when I first started THE RITUAL SERIES, I wrote a ritual post to welcome the arrival of Winter. So, it’s only natural that we welcome the beautiful season of Spring with a ritual, too.

Energetically, Spring is a season of new beginnings and fresh starts. We (us humans as well as our animal friends and all of nature) have spent the past six months slowly winding down and burrowing away during the colder weather. Now, as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we start to emerge from our burrows. We naturally start to feel more energetic, fresh and hopeful. The future is bright and we have lots to look forward to. So is the energy of this season.

Spring is a wonderful time to plant seeds and set intentions for what we want to cultivate and bring to fruition in the coming months. It’s also a wonderful time to cleanse our space and our bodies to start fresh and with a ‘spring’ in our step!

Here are some ideas for welcoming in Spring:

Set your intentions: I think it’s SO important to always be setting clear goals for ourselves. Spring is the perfect time to really look ahead and plan the rest of your year. What things do you want to bring in to your life? What habits would you like to cultivate? Take some time to sit in the sunshine and journal about your intentions for the season. Where do you want to be in your life in three months time?

Plant some seeds: I talk a lot about our mindset and ‘planting seeds’ in our minds and setting intentions. But, let’s manifest this in the physical world. By planting seeds in the art, you have a visual reminder of your intentions and your journey. So, choose something to plant – whether it be some flowers or some veggies and spend some time in the garden this weekend. Not only is this a great ritual to welcome in spring, but it’s also incredibly grounding to get out in to nature with the sunshine and the earth and the fresh air. You’ll feel amazing afterwards!

Cleanse your space: Yep, it’s Spring Clean time! Use your renewed energy this weekend to clear out all the junk and stagnant energy that may have accumulated of Winter. Throw out anything that you don’t need anymore, the things that are just taking up space in your home. Do a big op-shop drop of the clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer wear (though, be mindful and don’t buy in to fast fashion – think of our planet!). Tidy up any paperwork, piles of mail or bills around the place. You’ll feel so much lighter with less clutter in your space. While you’re at it, give your house a good sage smudge to clear the energy, too.

Cleanse your body: After all those earthy, hearty meals over winter, it’s necessary to give your body a good spring cleaning to allow you to enter the season with a renewed sense of energy and lightness. Try revamping your meal plans or even treat yourself to a juice cleanse to get yourself feeling extra sparkly! My favourite cleanses are with Greene St Juice – yum!

Get outside: With the sunshine sticking around for longer and longer nowadays, make sure to get off the couch and out of the house and really enjoy it! Pop your phone away and take yourself for a long walk in the park or along the beach. Luxuriate in the sunshine and really connect with nature. Observe all the new life emerging right now. Maybe it’s beautiful cherry blossoms or sunflowers or daisy’s. Look around you and breathe it all in.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about Spring! I’m looking forward to LOTS of nature walks and sunshine.

For all my Melbourne babes – I would LOVE to have you at my upcoming seasonal event, the Spring Self-Love Series.

The Self-Love Series is a conscious collection of events focusing on practical and radical self-love. With a holistic take on the topic, each event will focus on different aspects of self-love and how to cultivate this in to all areas of your life.

I’ve got some incredible speakers lined up for the day and I’d love to see you there! Find out all about this special day here.

For all my other classes, events, workshops and retreats, head over to my workshops page!

Happy Spring!!

Eleanor xo

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