I know we’re all gearing up for the final day of 2018 right now and already setting our sights on the clean slate that 2019 offers.


Before we get too focussed on the next year, I think it is incredibly important to recognise and honour the year that was. Instead of getting too wrapped up insetting elaborate resolutions for 2019 (I’ll share my Intention Setting Ritual with you soon!), I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on everything that you achieved in 2018. This isn’t about looking back at your 2018 r’resolutions’ and giving yourself a hard time and it’s certainly not about how much weight you lost (if you know me, you’ll know how much I disagree with these types of goals anyway!). The end of the year offers a beautiful opportunity to show yourself some immense gratitude for all the opportunities you brought in, the friends you made, the skills you learn, the memories you shared. Today, I’d like to share with you my favourite year end ritual which will provide you with an energetic bow to neatly tie up the year of 2018, with intention.



Much like the big clean out we do to welcome in Spring, the ne doc the year is the perfect time to declutter your space and make way for the new energy and fresh start of the new year. I recommend spending the last days of the year (or first few days of the next) cleaning out all the clutter in your room or home. Visual clutter can make us feel mentally full and bogged down, so why not freshen up your space and in turn, your mind? Declutter, donate and tidy up and organise and you’ll soon be feeling super spacious.


Clear the energy

I energetically cleanse myself and my space regularly and the final day of the year is the perfect time give your home a nice big smudge. You can burn herbs, incense or Palo Santo, or even use energy clearing spray while intentionally asking any and all stagnant and negative energy to please leave your space. Have some windows open for the stagnant energy to exit through. Be sure to pay attention to the corners of rooms and any hidden spots. While you’re at it, smudge yourself too!


Let it go

I highly recommend leaving any negativity in this year so you can move forward. Any less that favourable encounters you may have had throughout the year – perhaps breakups, fights with co-workers, bosses, arguments with family members – anything that affected you, try to come to terms with at this time. You could make amends with someone in person or, if you’re not up for engaging with them again, try writing a letter to them with everything you wish you could say, then burning it. As you burn your letter, energetically feel the weight lifting from your shoulders. If there’s someone (like an ex) that you just can’t seem to get off your mind, you might also like to do a cord-cutting meditation. You can find plenty on YouTube or Insight Timer. Take some time before the end of the year to let things go, so you can enter 2019 feeling lighter.


Gratitude List

The fun part! Take some time to journal about all the amazing things that happened in 2018. These could be achievements, travel, new friendships, skills you learn -anything that made you really happy, or that had a positive impact on your life. You might also like to write down the lessons that may have been learnt from the tougher experiences in 2018. There’s always a silver lining, you just need to look for it.


In the new year, I’ll be sharing with you my Intention Setting Ritual – a more conscious version of New Year’s Resolutions. Keep an eye out for my Vision Board Ritual post soon too!


In the meantime, enjoy reflecting on the year that was and I hope you enter 2019 with a fresh perspective, lots of gratitude and an open heart.


See you in the new year! x


Let me know your thoughts!


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