Wherever I am, be it my home, a room in a share house, an Air BnB, hotel room while travelling, I always make sure to create a sacred space. What do I mean by a sacred space? Well, it can be your whole home, a particular room, a corner of a space or even as simple as an altar on a spare shelf. The aim is to create a space which encourages relaxation, presence and stillness. Having a sacred space is an essential component to many rituals which I have planned to share with you in the future, so I thought it fitting to introduce sacred spaces towards the start of THE RITUAL SERIES to set you up properly. So, lets get in to the ritual of creating your very own sacred space.

Set an intention

This is an essential ingredient in any ritual and is particularly important when creating your sacred space. Take a moment to set an intention for your sacred space. How do you want this space to make you feel? What energies would you like to invite in to your space? Affirm in present tense the purpose of this space. For example, “In this space I feel grounded, centered and connected to my highest self”. Speak your intention out loud or say it in your head, just be clear about your reasoning in creating this space.

Invite in the elements

I like to incorporate all four elements in to my sacred space/altar to unite the universal energy. Some ideas for items you could use for each element are:

EARTH – crystals, fresh flowers, live potted plants, sand from a special place (always be conscious before taking something away from its natural setting).
WATER – ocean/lake/river water from somewhere special (it’s probably no surprise that I have water from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala), a water feature or fountain, Aqua Florida or any sacred perfume/oil.
FIRE – candles, candles candles! I love candles so much and regularly trek out to Sassafras, Vic to get my favourite wood-wick candles from Sohum. You could also have an actual fire going in your fireplace if you like, too!
AIR – dried sage leaves, incense sticks or incense cones are perfect. If you’re not into incense, another great option is to have an oil diffuser going with your favourite pure essential oils.

Get sensual

To be sensual is to be of the senses, so think about how you can incorporate your sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste in to your sacred space.
SIGHT – make your sacred space beautiful! Make it fit your personal aesthetic rather than making it look like what you think it ‘should’ look like. You want it to be a space that makes you smile.
SOUND – Thinking back to your intention, think of what kinds of sounds fit in with the feeling you want to create. It could be some meditation music, mantra, soul music, jazz, singing bowls – anything that helps to create the mood you are going for. Try my Meditation Playlist on Spotify as a starting point. I also recommend the app Insight Timer for relaxing meditation music.
SMELL – this is where your incense or essential oils come in. There are a few popular scents you can try like sage for cleansing the space, frankincense oil to help you drop in to a meditative state and lavender to encourage relaxation.
TOUCH – think about how you want to physically feel in your sacred space. Consider the temperature and air flow. Things like cuddly cushions and soft blankets with different textures will help to make the space feel more luxurious.
TASTE – feel free to get creative here! Maybe you have some special goodies in your sacred space like some nourishing treats (the Aventurine balls from Spiritual Nutrition are my fave!) or maybe you have a special tincture you use to get yourself in the zone or a special tea that you drink each time you enter your sacred space.

Remove distractions

It’s important that your sacred space is a place just for you, where you can be free of disturbances or distractions. That means no risk of anyone wandering in to ask you a question, no phones for scrolling through Instagram, no TV on in the background.

Cleanse and clear the energy

When creating your sacred space it is ideal to first energetically clear the energy. The best way to do this is with white sage. You can buy smudge sticks at most crystal, metaphysical or health shops. Grab a stick, light it and let it smoke and smoulder. Open up all the windows and doors and waft the sole around the space in a clockwise direction, repeating “I cleanse and clear this space of any and all negative energies. I ask any and all negative energies to please leave. I call in Goddesses and Guides to fill this space with love, light and protection.”
You can say whatever feels right to you hear, the important thing is that you hold the intention to energetically clear the space and invite in positivity and light. An added benefit of sage is that is actively cleanses the molecules in the air, too!
No sage? No worries! You can also take a moment to close your eyes and visualise white light entering the room. Visualise white light covering the floor, all four walls, then see the room filling up with vibrant, cleansing, pure white light and then top off the roof with another layer to close!

Relax and enjoy!

You now have your very own sacred space that you can go to anytime you are crazing some alone time to reconnect. Try using it each morning to meditate in, journal, and read.

And last but not least….

Take a sneaky pic for me!

I would LOVE to see your beautiful Sacred Space’s! Feel free to tag my over on Instagram or to email me some pics of your special set up.

With love and light,

Eleanor x

Let me know your thoughts!



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