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Words of love

Eleanor’s event was magical. She cast a beautiful spell on the room to help us all get out of our heads and into our bodies.

– Victoria 

I felt liberated, free and powerful. Eleanor created a safe and sacred place for women to come together and connect with themselves and each other at a deep level. I can’t wait to practice again with Eleanor!

– Ellie

Eleanor’s style of yoga helped me reconnect to my femininity, but still pushed my physical limits. Her beautiful voice will guide you through meditations and healings.

– Nivek 

My mind and body were beautifully connected and I was able to completely let go and just feel.

– Mary

Thank you beautiful Eleanor for introducing me to Sensual Yoga. This practice allowed me to deepen connection to self; and reignited the flame to my feminine sensuality and power.

– Andi

Sensual Yoga is so refreshing in a world where we associate movement with having control over our bodies.
It was so empowering to move in a totally differently way where the focus was on how it felt to be in my body.

– Ellie

Eleanor’s workshop was a luxurious immersion in self love, sensuality, meditation and movement.

– Bec M.

Eleanor has a wonderful and calming presence. I eagerly await her next session of Sensual Yoga and look forward to watching this practice gain momentum and empower women, their confidence and view of their sensuality.

– Kat