In this community of sensualistas, we value…



We value connection to soulful, spiritual practices and working with our higher selves.


Honouring our deep knowing, we tap into and trust our intuition and choose to allow instead of force.


With openness and trust, we foster an environment where we see strength in vulnerability and allow people to express themselves openly and honestly.


Always striving to consider others’ feelings, we exercise our empathy in forward thinking and when difficult situations arise. We recognise that people want to be seen and heard. We commit to seeing and hearing them.


We aim to create authentic connections with each and every member.


We empower each other to express and share their creativity.


We encourage each other to be their true selves and we honour each person as an individual.

Our ethos…

“Exercise your EMPATHY”


We commit to being environmentally conscious by ensuring our products and practices leave as small a footprint as possible.
We do this by recycling, using organic products, limiting waste and avoiding plastics.


There is too much media around telling women they aren’t good enough. We strongly believe that you are not to be fixed.
It is of the utmost importance to ensure that our messaging is positive, empowering and uplifting, free of comparisons and any kind of shaming.


People come first, always. Our products are created under 100% fair trade working conditions.


Throughout our product lines and general operations we practice vegan values, doing no harm to animals or their habitats.


We aim to build a sense of trust with our members and partners by maintaining honesty, integrity and authenticity. We will always strive to be upfront, open and transparent.


We are committed to ensuring that our products are safe for your health, toxin-free and our practices are beneficial to your physical health. Always aiming to have a positive impact on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.


We want to represent you and we aim to be inclusive of all people. While we predominantly focus on the notion of femininity, we welcome both female-identifying and male-identifying humans, of all body types, races, sexual orientations, abilities, ages and beliefs.

A note on language…

While I make a conscious effort to use inclusive language, quite often my messages are directed at women. However, I want you to know that my offerings are for all women and female-identifying souls – as well as men and male-identifying souls and non-binary folks. I speak about my experience as a cis woman, but please know that you are welcome here regardless of how you identify. This is a safe space for you to explore your sensuality and cultivate self-love.

Thank you for joining me x