Do you sometimes feel like 
you’ve lost your
sense of self?

Are you lacking connection
to your body?


Do you sometimes feel like you’ve lost your whole sense of self?

Are you lacking connection to your body?

Maybe you feel like something about you needs to change. Maybe you’re a mum and no longer feel autonomy over your body. Maybe you’ve lost your identity within a relationship. Or maybe you’ve just lost your passion for life and are wondering how to find your purpose.

You want to feel whole. You want to feel connected. You want to be present.

You want to be comfortable in your own skin.

I felt the same way. I was uninspired, lacking my own sense of self and filled with negative thoughts about who I was. I was stuck in a job that wasn’t lighting me up anymore and I’d lost my identity in a broken relationship.

One day I realised that my life was up to ME to create. So I decided that I was going to do exactly that. I resolved to rediscover my passion and my purpose and found that it had been under my nose all along.

I’ve always had a passion for transformation. Whether it be transforming communities through my work in development or transforming women’s self-esteem through teaching them how to move at my pole dancing studio.

I started exploring the world of personal development and realised my passion for sensuality, soulful practices, yoga, dance and meditation.

Sensuality is my thing.

I believe that sensuality should be part of your everyday life and I believe that sensuality is the key to cultivating self-love.

It is my mission to redefine modern day sensuality and what it means to be a sensual being. I aim to inspire women to embrace their whole selves and fall in love with themselves a little bit more each and every day.

But, what does Sensuality even mean? In my definition…

To be sensual is to be deeply connected and aware of both our internal world and our external world.

I believe sensuality has three expressions…

I want women everywhere to feel confident and comfortable with themselves, I want them to love who they are. I want to help women to feel sensual and connected with their bodies, because I do and it feels so damn good!

Are you with me, beautiful?

My story and the creation of

Sensual Yoga…

About me

I’ve always thought it is more telling to ask what people are passionate about, as opposed to what they do…

Me? I’m passionate about movement, sensuality, femininity, self-love, holistic healing, positivity and transformation.

I believe in energy, in the soul, the moon and manifestation.

I believe that women are powerful beings and I’m passionate about helping them to discover their own magic.

Owning and managing pole dancing studio, Pole Divas Prahran, from 2013-2017, I observed my students’ discovering their self-confidence through feminine movement and was inspired by their growth, their strength and their spirit.

Seeing women transform made my heart so full.  

Since experiencing the power that sensual movement had on both my students’ and my own sense of body-love and self-esteem,
I have explored many other forms of movement, and found a particular love for yoga.

My fascination with yoga and its philosophy lead me to complete my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Kula Collective,
at the Yoga Forest in beautiful San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala (aka my spiritual home).

I have always been drawn to holistic healing and am also a Certified Crystal Healer (HMCA), Reiki Practitioner and Aromatherapist.

With a degree in International Community Development, I have always been incredibly passionate about
transformation, change and helping people become the best versions of themselves.

It is my mission to redefine what it means to be a sensual being, to inspire women to embrace their whole selves
and fall in love with themselves a little bit more each and every day.
  • Beautiful You Coaching Academy Certified Life Coach
  • BA (International Community Development)
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Yoga Teacher 200hr – Kula Collective
  • 25hr YTT – Creating the Soulful Practice
  • Certificate in Crystal Healing
  • Reiki Level Two
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy

BYCA Certified Life Coach


About Sensual Yoga

Sensual Yoga is a movement practice inspired by yoga, dance and exotic feminine movement.

How did I come up with the idea?
A couple years ago I was chatting with my friend, and fellow pole studio owner, about the fact that despite pole dancing having such a wonderful effect on our students’ confidence, there still seemed to be a lot of taboo surrounding new students joining classes.
I mused that the new yoga studio next door to my pole dancing studio already had lots of brand new
students entering their doors – because yoga is seen as so much more accessible to most people.
I was a student of yoga myself at the time, and I loved learning about the philosophy of yoga and delving in to the spiritual practices. As much as I loved pole dancing, I was craving that soulful connection that yoga offered.
It was then that a lightbulb went off – what if I was to create a movement practice that borrowed elements from the time-honoured traditions of yoga with the exotic, feminine movements that we taught at the studio?

Sensual Yoga was born. 

I got to work on devising a framework that fused the sensual, fluid and exotic floor work that I loved so much, with
traditional yoga asana and breath work to create my signature style of movement; Sensual Yoga.
I’ve always strongly believed that women are not to be fixed and so fitness to me was never about what your body looked like.
I don’t even believe it’s about what your body can do – instead, my focus is now on how your body feels.
To empower women to feel connection, love and complete ownership of their bodies – that’s what lights me up.

Is this a fitness class?
Yes and No.
I feel that the traditional fitness industry breeds body shame and self-consciousness. I believe that’s unethical.
You won’t hear me suggesting that Sensual Yoga will help you lose weight, slim down, tone up –
because I don’t believe you need to change.
However, this is a movement practice.
You will likely work up a bit of a sweat, your muscles will be worked and you’ll feel it the next day.
Fitness is a by-product of Sensual Yoga, not the sole purpose.
I want to empower you to love the body you’re in, to own it, cherish it and show it some well-deserved love.



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Professional Bio

Eleanor Hadley is the creator of Sensual Yoga, a practice inspired by yoga, dance and exotic feminine movement.
With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Community Development, and having worked for multiple NGO’s including
World Vision Australia and World Vision Vanuatu, Eleanor is committed to helping others transform.
Following her study, and with a particular interest in female empowerment and the restorative power of community,
Eleanor became the owner of pole dancing studio Pole Divas Prahran. Throughout her four years at the studio, Eleanor observed her students
discover and develop their sense of self-confidence and body-love through feminine and sensual movement.
Eleanor obtained her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Guatemala under the guidance of Kula Collective,
deepening her knowledge of the philosophy and spiritual connections that yoga offers.
She is also a Reiki practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer and holds a Diploma in Aromatherapy.
Sensual Yoga is the culmination of her decade of work across development, feminine movement and spiritual healing,
with the aim of empowering women everywhere to deeply connect with their bodies and cultivate and unwavering sense of self-love.

Speaking, Interviews & Events

Eleanor is SO passionate about all things sensuality, self-love and the soul. She has speaking experience in front of small and large groups, presentation style, motivational and as an MC. Eleanor’s core message – of inspiring women to cultivate soulful self-love through sensual movement – is infused in to all of her talks. She is also available for guest blog features, news/blog interviews and podcast interviews. Topics of discussion/workshop themes can include:

  • What is Sensuality and why is it important?
  • You are not to be fixed – loving yourself when society insists you’re not enough
  • Yoga isn’t for women (but it can be)
  • Finding your way back to yourself
  • How to cultivate Self-Love in your life
  • Feminism and Sensuality – reclaiming my body
  • Finding your passion
  • How meditation changed my life
  • Crystal Healing & How Crystals work
  • The Power of Essential Oils

Eleanor is happy to work with you to cater a talk to suit your event, workshop, podcast etc.

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