It is my mission to redefine
modern day sensuality
and what it means to be 
sensual being.

It is my mission to redefine
modern day sensuality
and what it means to be 
 sensual being.

Hi beautiful!

I want to teach you how to cultivate your sensuality and fall in love with yourself  every single day.

But what does sensuality really mean?

I believe sensuality means to be deeply connected and aware of both our internal world and the external world.

cultivating self-love through

I believe you learn more when you ask people what they’re passionate about, as opposed to what they do…

Me? I’m passionate about sensuality, femininity, self-love, movement and transforming women’s lives.

I share my passion through my signature Sensual Yoga classes, online courses, musing in my journal, running workshops, events, retreats and so much more.

I believe that women are powerful beings and I’m passionate about helping them to discover their own magic.

Are you ready to unlock your sensual power?

Eleanor xo

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The Sensuality Academy

Embody your femininity. Enhance your sex life. Elevate your relationships.

The Art of Sensual Movement

Level One – Foundations of Sensual Yoga


Words of love

Eleanor’s workshop was a luxurious immersion in self love, sensuality, meditation and movement.

– Bec M.

Eleanor’s event was magical. She cast a beautiful spell on the room to help us all get out of our heads and into our bodies.

– Victoria F.

Eleanor’s style of yoga helped me reconnect to my femininity, but still pushed my physical limits. Her beautiful voice will guide you through meditations and healings. And if you get to attend a Cacao ceremony – do it!

– Nivek H.

I had no expectations however left with such peace, femininism and beauty to self. I would do this all over again not to mention the amazing cocoa drink!

– Anon.

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8 Ways to Feel More Sensual Every Day

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