In this episode, I’m sharing eight of my favourite ways to infuse sensuality in to your life every single day. No long, fancy, time-consuming rituals and no need to carve out two hours every morning. Just simple, practical ways to bring more sensual awareness in to your life to help you feel more sensual every day!

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Episode Transcript

Today I want to talk to you all about eight ways to feel more Sensual everyday. So, I often have people ask me you know what does sensuality even really mean Eleanor? How do I feel more sensual? And, so I decided to put together a little list of some of the ways, there are a lot of ways but some of the ways that you can feel more sensual every day and really infused sensuality into your life and I know right now, a lot of us are at home and so this is a beautiful time for us to go inwards and focus a little bit more on ourselves, now I know this is very difficult depending on if you suddenly have a lot more people at home and if you’re in a carer position but this is a really lovely time to just stop and consider – how can I be a little bit more intentional with how I roll throughout my day and how can I bring more sensuality to my day? 

So how often do you actually think about your sensuality? How often do you stop to luxuriate in your senses and to really take pleasure in them? 

Now it’s a probably no surprise that it is my mission to redefine modern-day sensuality and if you listen to my previous episodes about what sensuality is then you will be familiar with the concept about there being three pillars of sensuality, three expressions – and they are mindfulness, body love and empathy – and I think that it’s where these three intersect that we can tap into our mindful body loving and empathetic selves every single day. 

So, how do we do this? How do we bring these sensual practices into every day in a way that is nourishing and easy. It doesn’t have to be a big to do, you know, I’m not asking you to spend 2 hours chanting and doing a whole bunch of different practices – I highly recommend that, it’s amazing doing lots of different rituals and taking extra time out – but really, sensuality is something you can access every single moment of every single day even right now, you can feel sensual. Maybe you don’t feel sensual, maybe you’re sitting on the couch in your trackies – for those of you aren’t Aussies, tracksuit pants, I don’t know what else you call them, trackies. 

So, maybe you’re not feeling super sensual but I promise you, you can find different ways, all throughout the day to feel a little bit more sensual and tap into your inmate sensuality because yes it is inmate everybody has the power to tap into their sensual self. 

So, let’s start with the start of the day, so as soon as you wake up, the first thing that I do in the morning when I wake up rather than rushing to jump out of bed or rolling over and hitting Snooze, just take a moment and stop – now again this can just be a moment – just stop and drop into your body, bring awareness to how your body feels in that very moment. 

I love to place my left hand on my heart and my right-hand on my belly or my womb, if you’ve got a womb, you can place it there otherwise on your lower belly, it’s a beautiful space to breathe into and then invite your hands to maybe explore your body and just feel that skin-on-skin contact. 

Now if you are esoterically minded, you’ll be aware perhaps that the palms of our hands are extensions of the heart chakra. So, essentially by running your hands along your body, holding the palms of your hands, skin-to-skin over your body you’re essentially infusing your body with this beautiful heart chakra energy and it just feels really nice as well. This is also kind of a reclamation, you know, you’re claiming this is my body and I honour it and I appreciate it. 

So, take some time in the morning, stop, close your eyes or keep them closed and run your hands over your skin, over your thighs, your booty, over your tummy, feeling the texture of your skin, the temperature of your body under the sheets, feeling the skin on your arms, your chest, your neck, your face. And as you’re doing this, really connecting into your breath and showing gratitude for your body. Your body is such a spectacular machine so show it some love especially during these times.

 Ok, so that’s a way, Number 1. 

When you are perhaps making your morning coffee or if you’re like me and don’t drink coffee your morning cup of tea or celery juice. Then, I want you to take some time to again, slow down a little bit, being mindful here, really tune in to your senses here. What does this drink of choice, what does it look like? You know – is there milk swirling around in the cup, are there little bubbles forming as you’ve poured it into the cup? Is there this sense of warmth or coolness that you can hold, that you can feel when you hold the cup. 

What can you smell? Take some time to really inhale and feel that connection that you get, you know, what I’m trying to say is, you know how smells can trigger memories? Maybe the smell of this drink is triggering some memory, some nostalgia. What memories is it conjuring up? Take a sip and really saver its taste, feeling the sensation as you drink and your body filling up with warmth or nutrients from this drink. 

Number 3, is to See Beauty Everywhere. 

So, this is very very simple and it’s something that we are so used to our surroundings especially now if we’re at home, in quarantine or isolation – I can’t remember the term we are meant to use, any who. 

When we are so used to our surroundings it’s kind of like nothing exists and then all of a  sudden, if something changes, we’re like wow! that’s new or perhaps you’ve had that experience you notice something that has been there for years and you’re like ‘oh wow, I’ve never seen that before’ so what I want to invite you to do, is to see beauty everywhere. 

And this is very relevant right now, I’m actually recording the day after the full moon in Libra and Libra really invites us to see the beauty in everything. Libra loves things to be beautiful and so use this energy and see what is beautiful about my environment – maybe you’re super bored of it, it looks the same as always and you wish you could leave but try noticing the beauty of the trees outside, you know, I know for me personally I can get caught up looking at a flower or a leaf and just marvelling and how amazing nature is. See the sunlight kind of moving through the leaves and that dappled sort of light on the floor, maybe you can look at the beauty of some artwork that you have up in the house that maybe you gotten used to but maybe take some time to really look at it again, really revel and find wonder in the things that are around you. 

Number 4. Touch and Feel. 

So, throughout your day, take the opportunity to check in with how your body feels, so this is how you feel inside your body, what your energy is like and then also physical touch. 

So, for example, when you’re going to wash your hands, as you are probably doing a lot these days, Instead of doing it on autopilot, maybe take a moment to really feel it. This can be a super sensual activity – and remember when I say sensual, it doesn’t equal sexual. Please listen to my previous episode about what sensuality is, if you need a refresher.  But, washing your hands can be super sensual because you might put the water a little bit warm, you can notice that temperature and how it makes you feel. Feel the texture of the soap on your skin, the bubble, the lather, take a moment to fill the touch of your hands on one another, gently massaging your hands as you wash. A simple task that is absolutely imperative but we would usually be doing quite mindlessly, it can become a really sensual experience. 

Number 5. Practice Empathy. 

So, Sensuality in my definition is not just about ourselves and our own internal experience though I believe that is very important it’s about having this heightened state of awareness and considering that which is outside of ourselves. So, especially now when we are at home and with a lot of other people, potentially or one other person, or just ourselves but when we have to tune in to other people a little bit more, this idea of empathy is inviting you to tune in to those around you and how they might be feeling right now. What might they be going through? so again recognising how I’m feeling, how you’re feeling and then empathizing with maybe someone else is feeling the same way or maybe someone is feeling the way that I don’t understand but I’m still going to show that empathy and be there for them how can you show kindness and understanding to the people that you crossed paths with each and every day. 

Now, number 6 is about allowing yourself to dance and move your body with loving kindness and really getting into that energy of movement and using music as the gateway to access your sensuality. 

So if you’ve ever done Sensual Yoga with me, my signature movement practice, you’ll know how important my playlists are to me and how much they impact the mood of the practice. And so, often what I do in my in my practice and in my classes when I share this with students, is I’ll put on one song and then that will lead into another, that will be quite different in energy and mood and I often have a moment of freestyle and where I invite my students to just go wild and do whatever their body feels like, whatever their body is calling them to do and I’ll often should have used these opposing songs and opposing moods and ask them to channel that energy, what is this song inviting your body to do verses, what is that song inspiring in you. so music is a really really great way to tap into your sensuality. 

So, how can you invite this energy into your body, find some great playlist – mine are pretty great, just saying, so if you want to find me on Spotify, go ahead and do that. Also, I think a really easy way to find my playlists is, actually, I’m going to put it down in the show notes but you can also find it in the link in my bio, in Instagram. Anyway I’ll put it in the show notes but I’ve got lots of amazing playlists, if I do say so myself, that will inspire movement and breath. Lots of really sensual, obviously, kind of music. 

So, for you, find something that inspires you to move, that inspires you to breathe. Is there a song that kinda gives you goosebumps and then inspires you to kind of move softly and slowly, is there something that makes me feel really energetic and makes you want to jump around and sing and dance along to it, there’s some really, really beautiful expressions available to you if you allow yourself to really just move to the music. So, highly recommend music to access your sensuality.

Number 7, this kind of follows on from number six. This is Meditation in motion. 

This is very similar to what Sensual Yoga is and for me I think we all know this by now, my ultimate way to connect with my sensual self is to move my body and so with this one with meditation in motion, we put on some music that moves us and move when I say moves you this is that kind of inspires an emotion and when I say inspire an emotion, it doesn’t have to be a bad or sad one but it’s just something that kind of it inspires breath and intentional movement so you can get lost in movement or you can get really intentional with it, so you want a bit of both here. 

So, with meditation in motion this is where I will start off really softly and slowly and I’ll tune into my breath to start with and then intuitively move my body in connection with the breath. So, you might want to do some yoga poses or you might just simply want to roll through your chest doing some chest circles, it may just be a very very gentle feel up along the body, over the arms gentle stretch of the neck from side to side looks like anything – there’s no right or wrong way to do this but it’s just about allowing yourself that time to go internal, so eyes are closed especially during a meditation emotion and allowing your body to just guide you. 

And, finally… 

Number 8 is the practise of Yoga Nidra. 

Yoga Nidra is so, so beautiful and power form it is known as the yoga of sleep and it is such a luxurious experience so when you think of yoga, I know we think of the Asana, the poses, but Yoga Nidra is done lying down and it is said that 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is actually the equivalent to roughly 4 hours of sleep. 

So if you’ve been struggling with sleep right now I highly recommend Yoga Nidra. You can do it before sleep, to kind of guide you into but the intention is to be doing this practice where your mind is awake but your body is allowed to rest and honestly you feel so invigorated afterwards, it is absolutely delicious. 

It is actually the very first thing that I explored or experienced in terms of anything to do with yoga or meditation. It was way back years ago and I was back in Uni and a boyfriend that I was seeing at the time he sent me this recording of his mum’s yoga teacher taking, guiding you through a yoga nidra practice and I am able I listening to that every single night I was obsessed with it, it felt so good and now this is a practice. 

I want to pass on to you if you’re not familiar with it already, it’s a practice where it’s a guided meditation that takes you through subtle awareness of every part of your body, it allows the brain active yet calm while the body enjoys a really deep state of relaxation and I actually have a recorded yoga nidra guided meditation on Insight timer so if you don’t already have Insight timer it’s a beautiful app with thousands upon thousands of meditations and I highly recommended it. I have at this stage 3, of my own recorded meditations on there that you can find, so just search my name and I will put this in the show notes as well. 

So, eight ways to feel more sensual every day and trust me there are thousands of ways  but those are eight to get you started and to kind of guide you through the day from waking to sleeping. I hope that these practices resonate with you. If you try any of them or all of them please reach out to me and let me know your thoughts and your experience, I’d love to hear from you – you can email me or just get me on DM’s in Instagram. I’d love to hear from you. 

So, that’s all for me for this week. If you love the show please do take a moment to write me a lovely review and rate it and subscribe. It would mean the world to me and I will see you again or speak to you again very soon. Until then, stay sensual.

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The Sensuality Academy Podcast - Episode One
The Sensuality Academy Podcast - Episode One
The Sensuality Academy Podcast - Episode One

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