Getting in tune with our natural cycles is an incredible way for us to embody our femininity and become overall more sensual beings.

In this episode, I’m chatting with Liz Burton, menstrual cycle educator and creatress of Wild Womb Co all about the fertility awareness method. This is for all menstruators, whether you’re actively trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy.

Our bodies are remarkable machines and in this episode you’ll learn the basics of how to use this method to get more in touch with your cycle and your body, the different biomarkers of fertility, what’s wrong with the pill, how knowing your cycle can lead to better sex and so much more.

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Links and Resources

Check out Tempdrop, the wearable basal body thermometer and receive 10% off here:

To learn more about Liz’s upcoming course, Empowered Cycles, head here:

You can find Liz online at

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The Sensuality Academy Podcast - Episode One
The Sensuality Academy Podcast - Episode One
The Sensuality Academy Podcast - Episode One

hi, I’m Eleanor

It is my mission to redefine modern day sensuality and what it means to be a sensual being.

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